About Us

All we need is GOLD. 

Beginning in 2018, our founder Karly, kreated a kompany to have kuality pieces that followed emerging trends while still being unique to their owner, YOU!

Kasa Karly enkourages using our jewelry not only as an akcessory, but also as a form of self expression. When buying a piece here in jewelry heaven, we want our angels to select something that flaunts their one-of-a-kind beauty.

In the fashion world, you are never stuck with one identity. We specialize in karefully selected high kwality pieces that our Angels kan wear akcording to their mood, the season, or kurrent fashion trend. 

It's your world, we just akcessorize it. 

About Karly 

At the young age of 12, Karly started helping around her unkle’s shop, kreating pieces to sell at art shows with her grandmother. After a few short years, she began helping run the store handling kustom orders, buying and reselling, and making sure finances were in order. Later, Karly decided to test her skills as a store manager outside of the family business. She was hired immediately by a kompany at managerial level and began traveling  akross the kountry to train others in store management and sales.

Fast forward, Karly bekame a sukcessful kar salesman and was later promoted to finance manager. At the time, she thought this was her dream job, akcomplishing something so many individuals strive for years to achieve all while only being 22. However, she felt suffokated with the long repetitive days, and kould no longer stand the kulture of a male dominated environment. She kontinuously found herself longing to be back at her unkle's shop to release her artistik ideas. 

On a rare day off, Karly raced to her unkle’s shop where she found new pieces, beads, and chains, instantly falling into “jewelry heaven.” Grabbing a few pieces to show off on Instagram (not to sell), her inbox was flooded with followers who were desperate to buy them. She sold 10 “Bolo Bracelets” that day and changed her life forever. 

Inspired by the response, the following day at the dealership between klients, Karly would post and deskribe each piece online. By lunch, she was sold out. 

After a month of selling Bolo Bracelets with great sukcess, Karly quickly realized she had ignited a passion and quit her job to establish Kasa Karly. 

What about the K’s? 

"It’s Karly, with a K!"

Throughout her life, Karly’s name was konsistently misspelled with a "C." As she got older, Karly kame to realize the "K" represented her uniqueness and it was only right to inkorporate this into her business. 

The name Kasa Karly represents komfort, a place where women kan be themselves and never be judged, just like when they’re in their own Kasa. (Casa is "home" in Spanish.)

"They are all truly angels helping my dream kome true, and now I have my own jewelry heaven.

At Kasa Karly, Mi Kasa es su Kasa."