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About Karly 

I practically grew up in my stepdad's jewelry store! There were many days I spent running around the store and trying on every piece in the cases. At just 12 years old, I started actively working alongside my stepdad, helping him bring unique and beautiful pieces to life. It was a bonding experience for us, pouring our hearts into every creation and carefully selecting new pieces to add to our collections. Growing up in the jewelry store, I developed a deep connection with the craft. It became a part of who I am, fueling my passion for creativity and pushing me to explore new possibilities. Those early experiences laid the foundation for the artist and entrepreneur I am today.

Eventually, I yearned to test my managerial skills outside the realm of my family's business. I applies a few places and effortlessly secured a position at a company, assuming a managerial role at a well-established location in my hometown of Miami, Florida. Despite the store's history, it had faced challenges in meeting its sales goals in the past. However, using my skills and unwavering dedication led me to become the first store manager to not only meet but surpass the sales targets set. It was a moment of immense pride, as my hard work and determination paid off, setting a new standard for success at the store.

One day at work, a guy walked in with no intention to buy, claiming he was just browsing. But through my persuasion, I managed to convince him to make a purchase, and he ended up spending over $10,000. Surprisingly, he returned the next day, impressed by my sales skills, and offered me a job at Lexus selling cars. Though hesitant at first, he showed me the earning potential and commissions, making me realize I could excel in that role. Taking a leap of faith, I became a car salesman and eventually climbed the ranks to become a finance manager. It was a rewarding move for my career.

Working in the car industry brought financial success, fulfilling many of my personal goals. However, there was always something missing – my stepdad's store. I longed for the creative process, the interactions with customers, and the vibrant atmosphere I experienced there. On my days off at Lexus, I would find myself gravitating back to the store, drawn by the sense of freedom and creativity it offered. It was a place where I truly felt alive and inspired.

One day at the office, I was flipping through the wholesale books and stumbled upon some absolutely stunning pieces. They were like hidden treasures, one in a million. And then, something caught my eye: bolo bracelets. These bracelets were adjustable, meaning they could fit ANY wrist size. You have no idea how excited I was about this! With my teeny tiny wrists, finding a bracelet that wasn't huge and clunky was always a struggle. Without wasting a moment, I ordered a bunch and eagerly waited for my next day off to finally receive the package. The anticipation was killing me, but after about a week, the moment I had been waiting for arrived. My package was in my hands, and I couldn't wait to see those beautiful bolo bracelets!

The bracelets exceeded all my expectations. Excitedly, I took to Instagram and shared them in my stories, creating tons of videos showcasing how they perfectly fit wrists of any size. I treated the online platform just like I would if someone were right in front of me. It turned out to be a remarkable day because, by the end of it, I had sold every single bracelet. The response was incredible, and I couldn't believe how quickly they were snatched up.

I was bursting with excitement, so I dashed over to my stepdad. We quickly packaged up the bolo bracelets and sent them out to all my customers. Some were even eager enough to meet up with me to get their hands on them. Seeing the overwhelming response and the genuine enthusiasm, my stepdad wasted no time. He told me to order more and, with each passing moment, his encouragement grew stronger. Eventually, he pushed me to take the leap and start my own business.

That's when Kasa Karly was born and flourished into what it is today. The name Kasa Karly came to me one night while sitting outside with a group of friends, brainstorming ideas for my business. I wanted the name to include the essence of home, where people feel loved, safe, and comfortable. Since I also wanted to sell clothes alongside my jewelry, I wanted customers to experience all these feelings when they shopped at my store.

The word "Casa" in Spanish means house or home, and since my name is Karly, which everyone had always spelled with a "c" instead of a "k," it suddenly struck me—I wanted to spell it as "Kasa." That's when my friend blurted out "KASA KARLY," and in that very moment, we all knew that was the perfect name that would stick.

Not long after, I took a leap of faith. I quit my job at Lexus and fully devoted myself to Kasa as my new full-time job, just a few weeks later. I dove right in, like I always did, fingers crossed and determined to make it a success.

I hustled tirelessly, working nights, weekends, and even pulling overnight shifts. Every aspect of my business, I handled it all on my own. From coding the entire website to taking and editing photos, and even purchasing inventory, it was a labor of love. The workload was intense, but every moment felt like a fulfilling dream come true. 

Nothing brought me greater joy than witnessing the transformation that occurred when women adorned themselves with Kasa pieces. Their demeanor would change, and a newfound confidence would radiate from within. It was as if they had unlocked their true potential and embraced their unique beauty. They stood out from the crowd, exuding a sense of boldness and unstoppable energy.

Knowing that I played a role in this transformation filled me with an indescribable pride. I was responsible for empowering these women and igniting their inner glow. It reminded me of the familiar look and expression I would see on people's faces at the store when they purchased a new piece and experienced the exhilaration of wearing it for the first time.

Seeing the impact that jewelry had on individuals, how it could uplift their spirits and make them shine, fueled my passion even more. It wasn't just about selling beautiful pieces; it was about creating a transformative experience, one that allowed people to embrace their authentic selves and feel extraordinary.

The best part was that I had the privilege of using my stepdad's office and store as my own during my first year in business. I would manage the front of the store and whenever there was downtime or during evenings, I would pour my heart into Kasa. Over time, I made the decision to focus solely on jewelry and stopped selling clothes. It was the realm of jewelry that truly captured my passion.

Growing my business alongside my stepdad brought me immense pride. He was the one who kickstarted it all, and having the opportunity to work side by side with him was incredibly rewarding.

Thank you all for being a part of my business and helping to make my dream a reality. When you shop at Kasa, you're not just making a purchase – you're entering a home filled with love and positive energy. Each and every order is handled with utmost care and cherished. From the moment you place your order to the moment it arrives at your doorstep, know that it is infused with the best energy and intentions.

I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. Together, let's continue this journey, spreading love, positivity, and beautiful jewelry every step of the way.

With Love,


Shoutout to the man, my stepdad, Mark!


All we need is GOLD. 

Beginning in 2018, our founder Karly, kreated a kompany to have kuality pieces that followed emerging trends while still being unique to their owner, YOU!

Kasa Karly enkourages using our jewelry not only as an akcessory, but also as a form of self expression. When buying a piece here in jewelry heaven, we want our angels to select something that flaunts their one-of-a-kind beauty.

In the fashion world, you are never stuck with one identity. We specialize in karefully selected high kwality pieces that our Angels kan wear akcording to their mood, the season, or kurrent fashion trend. 

It's your world, we just akcessorize it.  


What about the K’s? 

"It’s Karly, with a K!"

Throughout her life, Karly’s name was konsistently misspelled with a "C." As she got older, Karly kame to realize the "K" represented her uniqueness and it was only right to inkorporate this into her business. 

The name Kasa Karly represents komfort, a place where women kan be themselves and never be judged, just like when they’re in their own Kasa. (Casa is "home" in Spanish.)

"They are all truly angels helping my dream kome true, and now I have my own jewelry heaven.

At Kasa Karly, Mi Kasa es su Kasa."