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Just a Stud Earring - Kasa KarlyJust a Stud Earring - Kasa Karly
Just a Stud Earring
Sale price$0.00 Regular price$28.00
Kendall Necklace - Kasa KarlyKendall Necklace - Kasa Karly
Kendall Necklace
Sale price$68.00
Twisted Choker - Kasa KarlyTwisted Choker - Kasa Karly
Twisted Choker
Sale price$48.00
Solid Ear Kuff - Kasa KarlySolid Ear Kuff - Kasa Karly
Solid Ear Kuff
Sale price$28.00
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Baguette Tennis Choker - Kasa KarlyBaguette Tennis Choker - Kasa Karly
Baguette Tennis Choker
Sale price$84.00
Stephanie Lariat - Kasa KarlyStephanie Lariat - Kasa Karly
Stephanie Lariat
Sale price$74.00
Heavy Kuban Bracelet - Kasa KarlyHeavy Kuban Bracelet - Kasa Karly
Heavy Kuban Bracelet
Sale price$48.00
Anna Cross Necklace - Kasa KarlyAnna Cross Necklace - Kasa Karly
Anna Cross Necklace
Sale price$48.00
Gianna Choker - Kasa KarlyGianna Choker - Kasa Karly
Gianna Choker
Sale price$58.00
Save $19.01
Oval Klasp Bracelet - Kasa KarlyOval Klasp Bracelet - Kasa Karly
Oval Klasp Bracelet
Sale price$48.99 Regular price$68.00
Donatella Necklace - Kasa KarlyDonatella Necklace - Kasa Karly
Donatella Necklace
Sale price$64.00
Kourt Necklace - Kasa Karly
Kourt Necklace
Sale price$74.00
Outta This world Studs - Kasa KarlyOutta This world Studs - Kasa Karly
Outta This world Studs
Sale price$28.00
Open Link Bracelet - Kasa KarlyOpen Link Bracelet - Kasa Karly
Open Link Bracelet
Sale price$44.00
Krystal Eye Medallion - Kasa KarlyKrystal Eye Medallion - Kasa Karly
Krystal Eye Medallion
Sale price$118.00
Tres leches Necklaces - Kasa KarlyTres leches Necklaces - Kasa Karly
Tres leches Necklaces
Sale price$78.00
Pearl Ear Kuff - Kasa KarlyPearl Ear Kuff - Kasa Karly
Pearl Ear Kuff
Sale price$28.00
Heavy Figaro Bracelet - Kasa KarlyHeavy Figaro Bracelet - Kasa Karly
Heavy Figaro Bracelet
Sale priceFrom $48.00
THE Tennis Necklace - Kasa KarlyTHE Tennis Necklace - Kasa Karly
THE Tennis Necklace
Sale price$68.00
Bust Down Kuban Choker - Kasa KarlyBust Down Kuban Choker - Kasa Karly
Bust Down Kuban Choker
Sale price$284.00
Seeing Klearly Necklace - Kasa KarlySeeing Klearly Necklace - Kasa Karly
Seeing Klearly Necklace
Sale price$74.00
Dog Tag Necklace - Kasa KarlyDog Tag Necklace - Kasa Karly
Dog Tag Necklace
Sale price$40.99
Cross Stud Earring - Kasa KarlyCross Stud Earring - Kasa Karly
Cross Stud Earring
Sale price$28.00

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